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  • American Idol uses the save card

    Posted by Matt Z

    I'm guessing the judges didn't want a "Hulk" moment last night and that's the reason why they saved Big Mike from going home.  First Nick flashes gang signs and now Big Mike...what's going on?

  • Tiger and Earl commercial

    Posted by Matt Z

    How do you feel about Nike doing an ad like this?  How do you feel about Tiger thinking it's a good idea?

  • American Idol Top 9 Performances

    Posted by Matt Z

    After the top 9 performances last night I would like to see Aaron Kelly go home tonight.  Nick thinks it's going to be a different contestant and along the way, I get a bit freaked out by some of Nick's hand gestures.  Check it out:

  • Fielder and Braun Interview

    Posted by Matt Z

    Opening Day has arrived.  Hope springs eternal.  Those hopes and dreams of Milwaukee faithful riding, in large part, on the backs of these two guys.  But I'll warn you, they're a couple of tough nuts to crack:

  • Vote For Us!

    Posted by Matt Z

    Vote early and often for Best of the Bay, using this link. Questions 43 and 45 are for radio show and radio station, but you need to vote in a minimum of 13 categories on the Entertainment and Leisure Ballot for your votes to count. I believe you can vote once a day.  Sooooo.......what are you waiting for?

  • Prom Invite Via CBS

    Posted by Matt Z

    During the CBS morning show, a 17 year old dude asks a girl, Tina, to his prom.  They get ahold of Tina and she answers live on the show, click here to check it out.

    Give the kid credit, he put himself out there on national tv and could have easlily been rejected (although something tells me he knew the answer).  But what's with his attitude all of a sudden?  I mean she says yes but she wasn't enthusiastic enough with her answer?  Oh come on!  Kid, you just got a yes, don't mock it!  Also, it's not like this is the first time a prom date was sought on CBS:


    So you have to take away points for lack of originality.  And did Tina say yes because she wanted to go with him or did she say yes because she didn't want to be the evil teen who turned down Michael Cera on CBS.  Seriously, that kid has to be Michael Cera's twin.