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  • American Idol

    Posted by Matt Z

    It was country night for the American Idol contestants last night.  Well, really it was just Shania Twain night.  So who will be going home?


  • HOLY CRAP!!!

    Posted by Matt Z

    If you are searching for a reason to explain the sudden turnaround by the Milwaukee Bucks, look no further than Bango.  Bango is the teams mascot and is known for some pretty crazy stunts.  This one is the coolest I've seen:

    Can a hawk do that?  FEAR THE DEER!

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Matt Z

    America finally got it right!!!!!  Tim Urban is gone!  If something looks a little different with todays video, it will all be explained:


  • American Idol Top 7

    Posted by Matt Z

    Today we discuss the "inspirational" perfomances from last night and also wonder about Aaron Kelly's song choice, Casey James' resemblance to an Oompa-Loompa and Crystal's tears.


  • Controversial Crucifix

    Posted by Matt Z

    Take a look at the picture below and tell me what you see:

    controversial crucifix of jesus

    If you don't see anything unusual at first glance, try focusing not so much above the neck or below the waste but right in between.  See it now?  Check out the story here.


  • Macha Macha Macha

    Posted by Matt Z

    The Brewers blew it yesterday against the Cubs.  Actually, Latroy Hawkins and Ken Macha blew it.  We sat Trevor down earlier and now it's time for Macha:




  • American Idol down to 7

    Posted by Matt Z

    Last night two Idol contestants went home and I was half right about who they would be:




  • American Idol Top 9....who should go home?

    Posted by Matt Z

    In today's installment of Idol chat, we not only discuss who should be going home but we tackle a very difficult question: which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle does Big Mike look like?


  • Look To The Sky.....

    Posted by Matt Z

    Tiger Woods has said that he is getting back to his core beliefs and is back to following Buddhism.  Or........

    tiger bootyism sign

    The above sign could be seen flying over Augusta yesterday.  Classic.