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  • WBA Awards

    Posted by Matt Z

    On Saturday night (May 15th) the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association held the annual WBA Awards for Excellence.  Our morning show was up for 2009 Best Morning Show.  We knew that we were a finalist (guaranteed a top 3 finish) and by the end of the night we had won the award!  We've entered our morning show the past three years and we've now won two Best Morning Show awards and were a finalist the other year.  Clearly the year we didn't win was a fluke.....right?  Mike and I want to say thanks to our great listeners because without you listening to our show we wouldn't be around very long. 

    I will say this, winning the award is pretty cool but my night got even better after the awards show.  Several of us from the WTAQ staff were hanging out at the hotel bar afterwards and guess who sat at a table right by us?  Alfonso Ribeiro!  Is that name not ringing a bell?  He was Carlton!

    And I got to meet him!  It was pretty sweet.



  • Greatest Moment In TV News History

    Posted by Matt Z

    We all make mistakes when we are live on the air, things happen.  But what you will witness below is not a mistake, it's not a blooper.  It's all real and it's marvelous.


    If you choose to watch the video link, the must see moment comes at the 3:07 mark, but to get the full context of the statement that's made you might want to watch the full video.


  • If Casey Wins, I Quit

    Posted by Matt Z

    Big Mike was sent home last night and that means that Casey is still in the hunt for American Idol.  If he wins this thing, I'm done with Idol.  Done.




  • Greyson Michael Chance Web Sensation

    Posted by Matt Z

    The latest YouTube sensation is Greyson Michael Chance.  This kid is awesome!  He performed at his Edmond Middle School recital night and blew everyone away, including me.  This kid is in sixth grade and he's this good, let's just hope that puberty doesn't put an end to his vocals.  As you watch the video of his performance of "Paparazzi" (Lady Gaga), watch the blonde girl on the top row.  She seems pretty uninterested at first and then once Greyson starts singing, she perks up.  I wonder if she asked for his number after the show.......


    Check out his YouTube channel and watch his other videos.  He also writes his own songs and the other videos on his channel are his originals.  Talented kid.

  • Killer Cat!!!

    Posted by Matt Z

    I've talked many times on the air about my cat who I've described as a "beast" and on more than one occassion he's left wounds on my person.  Dude doesn't know his own strength.  But I've never been afraid that he would kill me.  Jackie Ostermiller can't say the same about her cat.

    Now that you've read her story, take a listen to how Jackie described what happened to her, click here.


  • American Idol

    Posted by Matt Z

    Were you looking for a vlog on American Idol yesterday?  So were we!  Our video was stolen from us (well, the memory card was taken and not really intentionally) and we were unable to post our BEST VIDEO EVER yesterday.  But we are persistent and got back on the vlog horse again today.




  • 58 Year Old Pitcher

    Posted by Matt Z


    Larry Hasenfus is awesome!  His mustache is sweet and being a 58 year old pitcher in college (even if it's JV) is pretty amazing.  This also should serve as proof to any parents reading this that you should be training your child to be a lefty pitcher!  Seriously, left-handed pitchers can pitch forever and teams always find a spot for them. 

    I will say this, I thought at the beginning of the video when Larry is warming up in the outfield, that his hip was going to break.  Be honest, you were thinking the same thing! 



  • Tasered Fan

    Posted by Matt Z

    Why don't these types of things happen at games that I go to?  I've seen two morons get tackled on the field at a Brewers game (one guy got speared to the ground) but I would have prefered to see them get TASERED!  If you are going to be an idiot and run onto the field, I don't care what sport it is, then you deserve to get taken down.  I know that there are those that think using a taser on the teen was a bit excessive but I don't have a problem with it.  Now that might be because I laugh everytime I watch the video but whatever.  Enjoy!