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  • Did Al "Curb" Larry's Ex?

    Posted by Matt Z

    I found it hard to believe that after 40 years of marriage that Al and Tipper Gore would just decide to call it quits.  Now, maybe everything is on the up and up and maybe they just fell out of love.  I know that can happen, but I like to think it's a bit juicier than that.  Check out what I mean by clicking HERE.

    Be honest, the story would be so much better if he actually cheated on Tipper.  I would feel bad for Tipper of course, I'm not heartless, but it would make it more interesting than just saying we've decided to part ways after 40 years.  And it could lead to Al and Larry David being on an episode of the show Cheaters.  Wanna know what that would sound like?  Click HERE.

  • No Suppan For You!

    Posted by Matt Z

    The Milwaukee Brewers have done two things right this year:

    1. John Axford replaced Trevor Hoffman

    2. THEY FNALLY CUT JEFF SUPPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Now let's be real, this doesn't really make them any better right away.  Suppan was only being used in games that were out of hand (except for a game I went to against the Mets, it was tied when he came in) so cutting him is more of a sign that the team finally got tired of him eating up a roster spot.  Chris Smith from Triple A will replace him in the bullpen.

    In honor of his release:

  • The Final Idol Vlog

    Posted by Matt Z

    Lee wins but what was up with trotting out all of the old dinosaurs to perform?  It was like 'Night At The Museum 3'.  This is our final American Idol video blog, please enjoy:


  • Vodka Eyeball Drinking Game

    Posted by Matt Z

    I guess we have grown tired of drinking alcohol and now we just want to pour it into our EYES!!!!!!!  The video below tells the story but keep in mind it may have some slurred profanity but it's hard to tell, you've been warned:


  • Who Should Win Idol?

    Posted by Matt Z

    Overall a pretty boring night of performances from Lee and Crystal, but someone has to win:


  • Bullfighter Gored

    Posted by Matt Z

    If bullfighting is something that you've had on your bucket list, scratch it off and replace it with something a bit safer.  Check out what happened to Julio Aparicio:


    Are you kidding me???????  Yikes!  Oddly, I keep watching it again and again..,....



  • Hoffman Segment

    Posted by Matt Z

    Trevor Hoffman is killing me, HE IS KILLING ME!!!!  We talked about his latest blown save on the show today, click HERE to listen.

  • Bye Bye Mr. Braddock

    Posted by Matt Z

    After the performances last night it finally has to be time to say so long to Casey James.  It just has to be time!  Also featured in the video today, how to pick up a dropped marker without being inappropriate.  Enjoy!


  • The Time Is Now

    Posted by Matt Z

    I just got done watching the Brewers lose to the Reds by a score of 5-4.  Quick correction, I just got done watching TREVOR HOFFMAN lose to the Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's time to get rid of him or at the very least bench him.  He has now blown 5 saves and he isn't even close to being the old Hoffman.  Get rid of him now!

    Manny Parra pitched well, 4 innings with only 1 run scored.  Then Marco Estrada making his Brewers debut goes 4 innings with only 1 run scored and he was cruising having only thrown 55 pitches.  Estrada was fooling all of the Reds hitters (except for Joey Votto who hit a monster HR) and then Macha brought in Hoffman in the 9th.  Hoffman gave up a single, HR, double, walk and a double.  The Reds are extremely hot right now but there is no excuse for Hoffman getting crushed again.  Each time he comes out of the bullpen I get sick to my stomach.  I'm still sick to my stomach.

    Message to Macha, if you have a pitcher who can't save a game then DON'T KEEP PUTTING HIM OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!  If you have a pitcher who is pitching very well and fooling the opponent, LEAVE HIM IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!  Just because you have a pitcher who has the letters CL (closer) behind his name, doesn't mean that you have to go to him no matter what.  Use your freaking head and go with your gut.  Or maybe your gut told you that Hoffman was the right move in that situation.  If that's what you truly believed, then you should get the hell out of Milwaukee too.