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    Posted by Matt Z

    Do you like football?  Do you like to pick who you think will win?  Do you like trash talking?  Well have I got an opportunity for you! 

    Click this link: and sign up for football pick em!  All you have to do is pick who you think will win each week....that's it.  You get the chance to compete against all of the WTAQ regulars, Mike, Robert, Jason, Jeff, Jerry and of course me!  The best part about this is you get a chance to trash talk when you do better than us.  Well I should say when you do better than everyone else but me. 

    Go sign up today and make your picks each week and start trash talking!  Let's have some fun with this!

  • Matt Diaz Trips Philly Fan

    Posted by Matt Z

    Fans running onto the field of play is nothing new in sports, but a player getting involved is rare.  Braves outfielder Matt Diaz apparently grew tired of a fan, dressed in a red body suit, running around on his field:


    I love that he tripped that idiot!  Although, I wish he would have tackled him instead.  I know that players are not supposed to get involved when a fan gets onto the field, but have you seen the size of some of these players, especially outfielders?  If you saw a fan get demolished by Adam Dunn, would you think about running onto the field?  I don't think so.  Nice job Matt.

    Oh and Philly fan in the red suit, you are no Charlie Kelly:



  • BB Gun Used To Force A Teen To Exercise?

    Posted by Matt Z

    Robert Lynn Barker was arrested after alledgedly firing a BB gun into the air to force a teen to do sprints.  Sound crazy?  Check out the rest of the story HERE.

    It's unclear if he used the BB gun in any other way other than like a starter pistol.  What is clear, however, is that Barker needs to learn how to apply and reapply SUNSCREEN!!!!!!

                            robert lynn barker crazy mugshot 

    Are you kidding me!!!!!???????

  • Gaga For Meat

    Posted by Matt Z

    The MTV VMA's were last night but I'm not really interested in recapping who won what award.  I'm here to discuss what was worn by Lady Gaga.  If you didn't see the show, feast your eyes on her final costume of the night:

                                  Gaga wears meat dress

    That's right, it's a dress made of MEAT!  Complete with meat shoes and a meat hat. Check out what's in the right hand of Cher, a meat purse.  Suddenly I'm very, very hungry.

    This is not the first time that Lady Gaga has gone the meat route:

                                  Gaga meat is vogue

    I'm not sure how wearing a meat "bathing suit" has anything to do with 'The Naked Truth' but whatever.  Seriously, I'm very hungry.

    You can debate if the wearing of meat as clothing is offensive, distasteful or whatever but I think it's just a shame to waste that much beef.

    Also, take a look at Cher.  She's looking good for being about 100 years old.  Maybe she has turned back time.


  • Bo Knows How To Get Out Of The Way

    Posted by Matt Z

    When a foul ball is coming at you at a baseball game (no matter what level you are watching), you have 3 choices:

    1. Do everything you can to catch the ball

    2. Get out of the way and hope it doesn't hit you in the process

    3. Allow your girlfriend to get blasted in the arm while you flee the scene

    Bo, a Houston Astros fan, chose option 3. 

    As this article points out, chivalry seems to be dead. 

    Bo, I don't know you and I don't want to make any judgements about you after this one incident. But I feel it's only fair to ask this question, have you ever thrown your mother in front of a bus to avoid being hit yourself?  Wait, don't answer that, I think we all know the answer to that question.

    My favorite part is his excuse for getting out of the way, "it was in the lights and I lost track of it." 

    How soon before Sarah gets rid of Bo?  And why does he get to keep the ball????? 


  • Great Potato Ole Song

    Posted by Matt Z

    While looking for a song to go along with a story we did on the show this morning (check out the Hammer weapon of choice podcast), I came across what has now become my favorite tribute song to Taco John's:

    I should note, this is the only tribute song to Taco John's that I've heard, so by default it's my favorite.  I can't get it out of my head.

  • Soldiers Dance!

    Posted by Matt Z

    Just came across these videos on Yahoo! and if you haven't seen soldiers dancing while at war, take a look:


    Telephone Remake @ Yahoo! Video

    Here is the background on the American soldiers, CLICK HERE

    I think it's great and I would dare anyone to tell these soldiers otherwise to their faces.  I'm just saying!

    Now American soldiers aren't the only ones who have gotten the dancing bug, check out these Israeli soldiers:


    Here is the background and the controversy over the Israeli soldiers, CLICK HERE

    Something tells me not to believe that the above Israeli soldier video is real, but until proven otherwise, keep on dancing!


  • Jean Diapers....Oh Come On!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Matt Z

    jean diapers                 baby in jean diaper               jean diapers

    The pictures abover are of Huggies Jean Diapers.  Are you kidding me???????????  Check out the commercial by CLICKING HERE!

    Mike and I talked about these ridiculous diapers on the show this morning, check the podcast if you missed it by CLICKING HERE!

  • Hamburger Heart Attack

    Posted by Matt Z

    The Friendly's restaurant chain is offering a new sandwich called the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt. It's a burger surrounded by two grilled cheese sandwiches. The sandwich contains:

    1500 Calories
    870 Fat Calories
    79g Total Fat
    38g Saturated Fat
    180g Cholesterol
    2090mg Sodium
    101g Carbs
    9g Dietary Fiber
    4g Sugar
    54g Protein

    grilled burger melt

    I'm not saying I would eat this everyday, I would like to see my next birthday, but I would tangle with this bad boy at least once.  Sandwiches on traditional buns are becoming harder to find.  KFC uses chicken for their new sandwich, a minor league baseball team features a burger served on a split doughnut and now grilled cheese.  Suddenly I'm very hungry.