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  • Foot Fetish Videos And Rex Ryan

    Posted by Matt Z

    Check out this link of a woman who looks pretty much exactly like Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan (if you are offended by the sight of a womans foot, then do not click): CLICK HERE

    If some of you are now thinking to yourself that even though the woman in the videos looks an awful lot like Rex's wife, there's a chance that it's just a coincidence, I give you this comment from Rex himself: "I know you need to ask, it's a personal matter."

    First Sal Alosi goes goon by taking out a Dolphins player and now Rex Ryan is being tied to foot fetish videos.  I smell a reality show in their future!  I hate the Jets and can't wait until next year when they play the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.  The signs in the stands are going to be classic! 

  • Zack Greinke To Be A Brewer

    Posted by Matt Z

    I'm sure by now that you've heard the Milwaukee Brewers have traded for SP Zack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals.  The Brewers lose OF Lorenzo Cain, SS Alcides Escobar, SP Jake Odorizzi (pitched for the Timberrattlers last season) and SP Jeremy Jeffress (bullpen duty for the Brewers towards the end of last season).

    This is huge!  Let me say that again, this is HUGE!!!!  Doug Melvin and Mark Attanasio have just announced that the Crew is now playing to win in 2011 and that the World Series is their goal.  With Prince Fielder being a Brewer for one more season, the time is now to make a run and for all of Melvin's flaws, he understands that completely.  Give Melvin credit, the Brewers needed pitching to compete and he got it this offseason.

    Look at the starting rotation for the Brewers now:

    1. Zack Greinke 2. Yovani Gallardo 3. Shaun Marcum 4. Randy Wolf 5. Chris Narveson

    I would take that starting five up against anyone in the National League, with the exception of the Phillies, and argue that it's as good if not better.  Then I think about the offense and I start to get those warm playoff feelings in my stomach.  I don't remember ever being this excited for baseball in December (especially with the Patriots playing as well as they are). 

    I've already heard from friends that they are worried about giving up the players that the Brewers did.  I think Cain is the big loss right now.  He looked ready to become the CF of the future for the Crew but now we don't know who that will be.  It's not going to be Carlos Gomez, I'm pretty sure about that.  Losing Escobar doesn't really bother me.  His defense is what will be missed.  We didn't see him play offensively as well as he did in the minors so I'm not stressing about losing his bat in the lineup.  If he turns out to be a .300 hitter and steal 40 bases in the future, I guess we can complain about losing him but that's not the type of player he is right now.  Jeffress was going to be a bullpen guy and the Brewers have many of those pieces in place already.  He was drafted as a starter but never really had a second pitch, he's a fastball guy.  Maybe he becomes a closer prospect in Kansas City but we already have one in Milwaukee.  Odorizzi had a great year for the Wisconsin Timberrattlers but I would think he's at least 2 years away from being a starter in the majors and that's if he continues to progress rapidly each season.  Keep this in mind, almost everytime the Brewers have a top pitching prospect, something goes wrong.  Odorizzi was not a guarantee but it's tough to give up a future pitching prospect.

    The other player not talked about in the trade is Yuniesky Betancourt.  He plays SS and will take over for Escobar unless Melvin goes out and gets a veteran free agent.  Betancourt isn't as good defensively as Escobar but his offensive production should be a step up.  Here are his stats from last year:

    .259 16 78 .288 .405

    Compare those to Escobar's:

    .235 4 41 .288 .326

    Betancourt is significantly better, or at least was last season, in every category except OBP and they were exactly the same.  You improve offensively but might suffer a bit defensively.  Now Craig Counsell hasn't decided what he wants to do yet, so if he comes back to the Brewers, you would think he would see time at SS as well. 

    I said many times this offseason that unless the Brewers got two quality starting pitchers, it wouldn't matter what other moves they made.  Melvin got what the fans wanted, now it's up to the players.  I can't wait for spring training!!!!! 


  • Jets Staffer Trips Opponent

    Posted by Matt Z

    It's no secret that I can't stand the Jets and after watching this, my feelings haven't changed:

    The man doing the tripping is strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi, or as I like to call him, dirtbag.  For anyone asking are you really sure he meant to do that?  He admitted to it after the game.  I think an act like that reflects on the organization as a whole.  Stay classy Jets, stay classy. 

  • Metrodome Roof Collapses

    Posted by Matt Z

    I suggest fast forwarding the video up to the :25 mark, that's when the fun begins!  Pretty sure as much as this sucked for the team on Sunday, the Vikings ownership are thrilled because how can you say they don't need a new stadium now?

  • CNN Airs Diarrhea Scene....Oops

    Posted by Matt Z

    CNN was covering the London student protests and then this happened:

    Maybe CNN was trying to say that the best way to show disgust over tuition hikes, is to clear your bowels.  Probably not though.

  • Video Of Walmart Greeter Being Pushed To The Ground

    Posted by Matt Z

    If you recall, earlier this week we shared the story of a 100-year-old Walmart greeter who was pushed to the ground by a customer leaving the store in Milwaukee.  Police arrested the 37-year-old woman who did the pushing but prosecutors decided today not to file charges.  Make sure you watch the video of the incident.  It sounds like a she said/she said case but I know I wouldn't push a 100-year-old woman or a man to the ground because of something they said to me.

  • Brewers Get A Pitcher

    Posted by Matt Z

    Shaun Marcum

    If you haven't heard, the Milwaukee Brewers have made a trade for RHP Shaun Marcum.  Toronto gets the Brewers top prospect Brett Lawrie and I am fine with that.  Lawrie could turn out to be a great second baseman for the Jays but he really had no shot at being one with the Brewers.  Lawrie has no major league experience and wasn't going to get any in Milwaukee with Rickie Weeks coming off his best season and Doug Melvin working to sign him long term.  Marcum is a proven starter and will help a rotation that desperately needs quality pitching.  With Yovanni Gallardo, Randy Wolf and now Marcum, the Brewers have a legitimate top 3 in their rotation.  They still need to add one more solid starter but on paper, this is an improvement over what Melvin did last year to try and bolster the rotation. 

  • The Daily Show Lands The President

    Posted by Matt Z