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  • The Best EVER!!

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Professional basketball player in Europe, where he played and captained RSV Lahn-Dill for nine years where he won 8 German league championships –  eight of nine German Cup crowns, including six times winning both crowns. Lahn-Dill also collected four Champions Cup championships in that stretch – including three straight triples from 2004 to 2006 – while reaching seven finals.  He has 2 Gold Medals representing Canada in 2000 and 2004, along with one silver medal in 2008.  Wait there’s more…one gold medal in the world championships in 2006…two bronze in 1998 and 2002.  Won 3 consecutive national titles and MVP awards in 2001-2003 for Wheelchair Basketball League Open Finals with the Winnipeg Thunder .   He has two National Collegiate Championships while at the University of WI Whitewater…oh by the way, he did this all from a wheelchair.

    Joey gave me confidence that no else could have or would have.  I get emotional but then again this guy is awesome who wouldn't.  I sure hope I captured the emotion I had with this interview.  

    I am proud to introduce you to my friend Joey Johnson.

    He's the best to ever play hands down

  • No doubt he is one of the BEST

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Three time National Champion, two time MVP of the National Tournament, two time best hitter at the National Tournament with .875, Eight time National All Tournament Team member, and in 2003 was made a member of the Wheelchair Softball Hall of Fame.  I just think of him as Scotty B, one of the greatest guys I know...here's his story!

    One of the best, Scott Berg!

  • U of I wheelchair basketball coach

    Posted by Jason Miller


      I am pleased to give you a man who touches lives on a daily basis from the basketball court to being a guy I can call if something is bothering me.  Meet Mike Frogley the current head coach of the University of Illinois Wheelchair basketball team.  In 26 years he has gone from being an able bodied athlete to one of the best wheelchair basketball coaches the world has ever seen.  He is humble, direct and lets be honest you will want to send your son or daughter to play for him disabled or not.  Mike, thanks I sure hope this will capture how much you mean to those of us you have touched. 

    U of I wheelchair basketball coach

  • Brendan Downes talks wheelchair softball

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Here is my 2nd part of the interview with Brendan.  He won't like the picture but hey this is my blog I will show the picture I want.  If you liked the first portion, you'll like this one too.  We talk about softball and our former Coach John Speake, who is the best wheelchair softball coach to grace us on this earth.  


    Enjoy part two and have a great one will ya.

    Brendan talks softball

  • Meet Brendan Downes one of the best

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Meet Brendan Downes!  One of the best wheelchair basketball players I've seen.  He has represented the USA on the under 20 team.  Scholarship athlete to the University of Arizona.  Got a chance to play his final season of college ball with his bother(pictured above) and is an inspiration to all that meet him.  

    Here is my teammate but more importantly my friend Brendan in our 2 part interview.  This portion is about him and wheelchair basketball.  

    Stay close cause the 2nd part is coming soon where we talk about softball and Brendan gives a little advice that we all can take to heart.

    Hope you enjoy!!

    meet Brendan Downes one of the Best wheelchair basketball players

  • Another pretty good Wheelchair Tennis player

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Here is the 2nd part of the interview with Greg.  This time we talk tennis.  He has made huge strides in his quest to become one of the best Quad players in the Country and the World


    Hope you enjoy!! 

    2nd part of the interview with Greg

  • Watch out for your ear?

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Quad Rugby! 

    Ever hear of it?  Maybe MurderBall, the film about the guys who play the sport?  

    Quad Rugby is a simple game with complex strategies for playing both offense and defense. It is played with a volleyball on a basketball-size court with goal lines marked by cones and a lined-off “key” area (see diagram).

    The object of the game is to score a goal (1 point) by crossing the goal line with possession of the ball while the opposing team is defending that goal. The team with the most points when time runs out wins.

    Quad Rugby is a full contact sport, but no personal contact is allowed: Slapping, hitting, punching, gouging out eyes, biting off ears, etc. is not allowed and penalties are enforced, usually requiring time in the penalty box.

    To play one must have some dysfunction in all four limbs, so amputees, post-polios, and those with other disabilities might also be eligible to play, but most players have sustained cervical spinal cord injuries.

    There is a classification system that identifies levels of function, giving a broad range of persons an opportunity to play quad rugby. Classification is based on function, not athletic ability.

    There are seven player classifications ranging from 0.5 (the lowest class who have limited function of arms and hands) to 3.5 (the highest class who have much greater function) – and all those in between: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5.

    The maximum point value allowed on the court per team is 8.0. Example: 3.0 + 2.0 + 2.0 + 1.0 = 8.0. Less than 8.0 is allowed.

    There are two new additions to the above:

    1. All female athletes are reduced an additional 0.5. So a woman classed as a 2.0 would play as a 1.5, for example. Maximum points allowed is still 8.0.
    2. A player/players over 45 will be allowed to play on an 8.5 maximum line-up. If a +45 player is not actually playing, the points allowed revert to 8.0.


    1. Games are four 8-minute quarters.
    2. 4 court timeouts and 2 bench timeouts for each team, plus 1 extra for each overtime played.
    3. One point is scored when the goal line is crossed with any two wheels of the ballcarrier’s wheelchair with possession of the ball.
    4. 10 Seconds: Players must dribble or pass or it’s a turnover.
    5. 12 Seconds: Ball must be advanced over half court or it’s a turnover.
    6. 10 Seconds: Ball must be inbounded or it’s a turnover.
    7. 40 Seconds: Teams must score after the ball is inbounded or it’s a turnover.
    8. 10 Seconds: Offensive player cannot be in the key longer or it’s a turnover.
    9. Only three defenders are allowed in the key at one time or it’s a penalty. (There is a penalty box. Generally, players are released when the opposition scores a goal or when one minute served.
    10. Hitting an opposing player’s chair behind the axles (a spin) is a turnover or a penalty
    Have you heard of Greg Hasterok?  Probably not but take a listen to this interview about Quad Rugby and the crazy stuff that happens when you choose this game to play as a disabled athlete.

    Quad Rugby with my friend Greg

  • Part 2 with Brent Rasmussen

    Posted by Jason Miller

    brent smashing it


    So we know Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Prince Fielder and Brent Rasmussen…oh don’t know Brent?  Well take a listen to this interview and you have the chance to meet on the best Wheelchair Softball players that we have seen.  No one likes to pitch to him on a regular basis.  He also has more than 3 National Championships and has only been playing for 9 years.  His team is a powerhouse, along with mine and I am pleased to have him on Wheels in Motion to talk wheelchair softball.

    Brent on Wheelchair softball

  • Meet Brent Rasmussen from Omaha, Nebraska

    Posted by Jason Miller


    here he is!

    Sit Volley Ball?  Hmmmm, I know lawn chairs right, no...ok wheelchairs then?  No not that either, well then how is it played?  Glad you asked, lets take some time to talk with Brent Rasmussen about Sit Volley Ball.  Why Brent, well he is the best mens sit volley ball player in the country how's that for a reason.  I thought you would agree.  If you want to know more about the game click here.  Other wise enjoy the interview and please stay tuned for the 2nd part of the interview as Brent and I will talk Wheelchair Softball.  Until then, enjoy Brent and sit volley ball.

    Brent Rasmussen talks sit volley ball

  • Lets talk Wheelchair Softball

    Posted by Jason Miller

    So we are going talk Wheelchair softball with my Coach Jamie Roach of the Minnesota Twins reigning National champions.

    Little softball will do a body good

  • Local kid just wins baby.

    Posted by Jason Miller

    So you know where Coleman, WI is?  But did you know that there is a three time national champion and member of the USA Paralympic  Wheelchair Basketbal Team from there.  Well now you do and take a listen to hear Matt Lesperance's story, it's great!

    Coleman kid does great things

  • Meet Coach Vollstedt

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Meet my coach from Appleton, WI.


    Over 150 wins and less than 30 losses over a 10 year period isn’t too bad for any coach.  He has gotten out of me athletic ability I didn’t know was there.  He trusted me to take game winning shots and also trusted me to make me a starter only after I hit a game winning three.  I never saw the bench unless I was tired and I made sure I didn’t get tired.  He taught me how to play nice with others plus more things than I have time to mention.  He is my coach, a friend and more than that my basketball mentor.  Please take a few minutes and check out what someone who isn’t disabled but coached those who are has to say about wheelchair basketball and the ride he had while doing so. 


    Plus if you are someone who is disabled and thinks there is nothing out there…just take a listen.  Also if you want to contact me about some events you know of for disabled people or want to get involved and you just don’t know who to contact…shoot me an email, jason.miller@mwcradio.com



    Here is my coach