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  • Worlds number one....SWEET!!

    Posted by Jason Miller

    David Wagner

    I was in a tournament, the Cajun Classic in Baton Rouge, LA.  We had a rain delay.  I thought I would be a cocky guy and challenge Wags to a game of table tennis.  Well if I would have known that he was a National Table Tennis champion I would have never put my foot in my mouth.  But I took my beating and thought to myself, geez he’s just good at everything.  If he took up curling he would be great at that too. 

    David Wagner is the very best Wheelchair Tennis Quad Player in the world.  More than that he is a great guy and WOW he actually watched me play.  This was a treat and I am very excited to introduce you to David Wagner.  You will end up being as big of a fan as I am of him after you hear this.

    Worlds number one

  • Dont' worry I'll find more

    Posted by Jason Miller

    So I am sitting here, cause that's what I do...LOL.  I'm posting my interview with Kurt Greniger on my facebook page and there it is.  The commercial I've been looking for all day.  So here it is and WOW is this one good.  Thank you Citi for putting this one out there for all to see!



  • One more for today

    Posted by Jason Miller

    There are commercials that run that are like ho hum...(yawn).  If this doesn't make you want to get out and do something, then you need to be examined by a doctor right away.  By the way before we get to the latest Paralympic commercial that I LOVE.  Let me tell you that yet today we will have an interview with Kurt Greniger and the great career he continues yet today.  So make sure you check back later for that but without further a due here is my latest favorite Paralympic commercial.

  • Great athlete and person

    Posted by Jason Miller


    There are those guys and gals in life that when you meet them you think one thing.  However, after you meet them your opinion changes greatly.  Well I had that experience with my guest today.  There are few things in this world of sport that humble me, but Kurt Greniger is one of those.  He got hurt at a young age.  He didn't let that keep him down, in fact the only thing that went down was one of the best wheelchair athletes was born.  Through all of his athletic greatness and accomplishments he continues to be a great person and still, as you will hear, has a hard time talking about himself.  He showed his greatest moment in sport when the wheelchair softball team he is on won a National Championship - not too soon before that weekend he and his family lost their son and brother.  There is not a more humble man I know and I am privileged to call him my friend.  Please take a listen to my interview with Kurt Greniger.


    Hall of Famer Kurt Greniger

  • It's just a commercial but yet much more

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Check out this commercial about the Paralympics.  There is going to be a theme here for awhile.  I am going to find the best Paralympic commericals and share them so you know they are out there.  Please enjoy this one...




  • From a little town in Wisconsin to this great story.

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Christina Schwab is one of the most decorated women athletes this country has to offer.  She has won gold medals as a member of the USA Womens Wheelchair Basketball Team and has won this little marathon that you might know, THE BOSTON MARATHON.  She is humble and overall just a great person.  I am pleased to give to you the very first female wheelchair athlete on Wheels in Motion, Christina Schwab.


    Here is Christina Schwab.

  • A Living Legend

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Lew Shaver


    There are no words to describe the amount of respect I have for Lew Shaver.  He gave me confidence to be the player I was and hopefully the man I continue to be.  He is a living legend and you get to meet him in my new interview for Wheels in Motion.  Without further words, here's Lew Shaver!!

    Meet the living legend of Wheelchair Basketball

  • He trains the best

    Posted by Jason Miller


    We usually talk to those who play disabled sports.  But I thought we would change it up.  Here is a guy who trains those athletes who perform at a collegiate and international level.  He is so very important to the success of the program at UW Whitewater but will never admit it.  I am so pleased to introduce you to Mike Lenser.

    Meet Mike Lenser

  • Team USA Wheelchair Tennis Coach

    Posted by Jason Miller


    He is a great head coach for team USA.  He is one of the very best advocates for wheelchair tennis in the world and I am very proud to introduce you to Dan James.  Good Luck Dan in London to you and your team.

    Pleased to introduce you to Dan James

  • He will go for another gold

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Here is Nick Taylor.  One of the best Quad wheelchair tennis players in the world.  He has a great story and I am very pleased to give it to you.  He is an inspiration to anyone he meets or just talks to him.  I sure hope he inspires you to make your life better.  Please remember that life throws curve balls and Nick has crushed them out of the park.

    Please enjoy my talk with Nick Taylor.

    Nick Taylor has a ton to share with you

  • Part two with Eric Barber

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Here is part two of my interview with Eric Barber.  He found softball at a very early age and has some great advice for anyone.  Plus we get to hear from him after he gets back from London.  Good luck E and thanks.

    eric barber on softball and life

  • Team USA's Eric Barber

    Posted by Jason Miller


    He already has accomplished so much and needs to prove nothing to anyone.  But my friend Eric Barber keeps impressing and showing folks there is nothing that keeps him from reaching his goals.  He is the only guy I know that has beat Michael Jordan in a game of one on one.  I am pleased to introduce to you Eric Barber.

    meet eric barber