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  • 1 st half of the Women's Bronze Medal Game

    Posted by Jason Miller

    As a huge fan of wheelchair basketball it is fun watching the Netherlands setting screens, making it impossible for the USA women to get out to the shooter.  If the game were to end right now I can almost guarantee that Coach Kiley would say the USA didn’t match the Netherlands intensity.  They couldn’t match the shooting performance the whole team is putting on.  But that’s why they play two halves.  The USA Women are down 38-24 at half.  Come back to Wheels in Motion for a end of the game comments and make sure you let me know what you thought of the game.  Make sure you check out the second half at this link.


    GO USA GO!!!

  • Thank goodness for the USA Quads

    Posted by Jason Miller

    No offense to the other wheelchair tennis teams but David Wagner and Nick Taylor have taken it to another level.  It's a three-peat for the two Americans as they defeated the GBR team of Peter Norfolk and Andrew Lapthorn.  It's a great day for American Quad tennis.  Way to show the world fella's way to go!!


  • Men's 200m - T44 Final

    Posted by Jason Miller

    It's not something I have been keeping track of but found this on Youtube's Paralympic channel.  Check out the announcer's comments about 2:03 of this video.  Besides the comment, it's a great race that appears to have been won but this will show you why you run through the tape.

  • Remember MA from Germany

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Hey Wheels in Motion nation we have Marieke Aderman playing right now live.  Go check her out while her and her German team-mates take on Great Britain by clicking here.

  • Made us all proud

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Everyone remember our friend Bryan Barton...well his gold medal quest came to end as he lost his match.  He thanked everyone for helping him on his Facebook page and Mentioned WI.  He is truly one of the greatest guys I know and this loss hurts but he will bounce back and be even stronger next time around.  He still has his teammates to support, David Wagner and Nick Taylor who are going for Gold in doubles and those two guys play each other in the next round.  So I will have that match update for you as soon as I get it.  


    But Bryan...Wheels in Motion nation says CONGRATS BUD!!  You made us proud!!

  • Here is an update from London

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Check out this article from the London Paralympics on USA Quad wheelchair tennis player, David Wagner.  Lets GO WAGS!!!


    Also it has taken my whole life but this edition of Sports Center could have a shot from the Table Tennis event as their number 1 play of the day.  Flood ESPN on facebook to make sure that great shot from the Great Britain table tennis player!!


    I am going to try and catch up to let you know how some of the folks that have been interviewed on Wheels in Motion and some who will be.  

  • Swimming to gold

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Here is a link where you read all about Jessica Long and just how good she is doing.  


  • He's hitting his mark

    Posted by Jason Miller

    You know him as the Inspirational Archer or Matt Stutzman, either way he is one in the same.  Here is the latest photo of where he stands in the competition on the first day of competition.  

    Go Get 'Em Matt!!!


  • Women win first game

    Posted by Jason Miller


    This just hot off the press...The USA Women's wheelchair basketball team wins their first game - 63 - 24 over France.  Becca Murray had 23 points and Desi Miller had 14 points!  

    Keep it up Ladies!!

  • How it all began

    Posted by Jason Miller

    I was going to sit behind the computer and type out how it all began.  Oh you are wondering what I'm talking about...the Paralympics.  Sorry I should have made that much clearer.  But instead I'm going to use the internet and link a great story from the Paralympic site.  You can learn how it all began and how many athletes where are the first Summer and Winter Paralympics by clicking here.  

    I will say this...there are 166 countries being represented with over 4,100 athletes. There will be only one country not covering the Paralympics like it should be and that's the great country I live in.  Just go to the London 2012 Paralympics web page by clicking here.  Also you can check out the you tube channel by clicking here.

    Please watch and you will be amazed at what you will see.  They are athletes that need some assistance to compete.  But they are athletes make no mistake.  

    As I mentioned before, I will hopefully have updates for you and of course afterwards check back to Wheels in Motion to hear first hand accounts from the athletes competing in the 2012 Paralympics.

    Good luck to all the athletes but of course as an American I will be pulling for the USA athletes.

    GO USA!!!!!

  • Where can you see the Paralympics

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Hey Wheels in Motion nation.  First lets take a moment to pause and give all the positive vibes we can to the folks heading over to London to participate in the 2012 Paralympics...Okay so now you are asking yourself where can I watch some of these great athletes?  Well let me help you out with that.  You can check out how the athletes are doing by clicking on International Paralypic Committee link.  The US Paralympic dedicated channel on YouTube also has this link.  Or you can check out what the NBC Sports Network plans on doing for coverage of the Paralympics by click here.  If your sport is wheelchair basketball check out the NWBA website by clicking here.  

    USA Flag

    Here is my plan...I will hopefully be getting updates from some of the folks competing over in London so make sure you check back to Wheels in Motion for up to the minute updates.  It's time to get motivated folks and show the world that we support our disabled athletes as well.



  • Here is some inspirational swimming

    Posted by Jason Miller


    As we get closer I wasn't able to interview everyone I wanted, close but not everyone and this is one person I would have loved to talked to and maybe after the Paralympics are done I will get that chance.  Here is the story of Rudy Garcia-Tolson.  He is a member of the USA Paralympic swimming team.  Check out his story here!