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  • Movie Recommendation

    Posted by Matt Z

    The movie is called Outrage and it's a documentary about the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who actively vote against the gay community.  The names are big and the way the movie is presented is compelling.  It hit theaters in May but just got released on DVD yesterday.


  • The Blind Side

    Posted by Matt Z

    I went to see the movie The Blind Side over the weekend.  If you don't know what the movie is all about, check out the trailer:

    I enjoyed the movie for the simple fact that I am a huge sports fan and if it's a sports related movie chances are I am going to enjoy myself to some degree. 

    I am not a Sandra Bullock fan and going into the movie all I read and saw online was that this was an "oscar worthy" performance for her.  After watching her performance, I would disagree with that assessment.  She was watchable but hardly deserving of an Academy Award and I found myself distracted by her blonde hairdo. 

    Tim McGraw was boring to watch and it seemed like he just showed up to the set and didn't really put any effort into his performance.

    Quinton Aaron who played Michael Oher (movie is based on his life) was a bit flat and I'm not sure if that was a choice made by Aaron or by the director for the character.  Either way I wanted more emotion and character development.

    I also wanted more conflict out of this movie.  I wanted to be exposed to more of Oher's hardships growing up on the poor side of town with a mother who was addicted to drugs.  The movie touches on his hard life but doesn't fully develop it on screen, which isn't all that uncommon when it comes to Hollywood "feel good" sports films.  Creative license was obviously taken with this story and for the most part that didn't bother me but I think the movie could have been much more powerful and inspiring if it was less Hollywood and more reality.