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  • Global Warming Now Causes...

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Thicker ice. Really. Thicker skulls, I can buy. This strategy started when "Global Warming" became "climate change." Well, climate change is a constant, so to say man is causing something that is widely variable in result is pretty darnged convenient, now isn't it. The latest claims on global warming remind me of talking to a fibbing kid who keeps changing their story. But unlike my parents, a large majority of the American public seems to have a short enough attention span to make this work for the frauds.

  • Why are Female Teachers Having Sex With Their Students

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This article identifies psychological reasons as to why young female teachers are doing this, but doesn't, in my opinion, seek to explain it away or excuse it. It does, however, seem to suggest that these relationships tend to be more about emotional gratification rather than sexual. It also doesn't explore why so many young teachers are so emotionally immature. 

    My father had a very unfair theory that teachers in general were people who couldn't leave school behind and get on with their lives. I never accepted that, but it would appear that it might be true for some teachers. Compounding this is the perception by much of society doesn't seen male victims of female teacher as victims at all. In fact, some teachers have tried to argue they're the victims of their male students, that they were seduced.

    Just an observation; nobody seems to argue that when an adult male teacher takes advantage of a female student that it's about anything other than sex. This piece seems to argue that a sexual relationship is the final result of a female teacher's emotional insecurities.

  • Wisconsin Applebee's Employee Gaybashing Victim

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This is a bizarre story. A female co-worker leads her husband to him so he can beat the hell out of him, but the victim has no idea why? I'm not sure what charges she should face(I'm not saying she shouldn't face charges) and Applebees does seem to have handled this strangely, especially the initial defense of the slur on its Facebook page.

  • On Easter Sunday...

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Google chooses to alter it's logo to honor Cesar Chavez's 86th birthday. Let's see, a non-milestone birthday of a labor/civil rights leader, vs. a religious holiday celebrated by more than a billion people around the world. Hum...decisions, decisions. This wouldn't be so annoying if Google didn't seem to find ways to ignore significant days and anniversaries for more trivial affairs(ignoring D-Day, for example).

    Chavez isn't insignificant but his 86th birthday? Really? It seems as though Google googled the date looking for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to highlight other than a religious holiday.

  • Appleton Teen Says Teachers Bully Him For His Conservative Views

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I know Benji Backer. He's a great kid. He's been on my show, and he's been to a number of events where I have spoken. And I also know he's been putting up with this for a long time. I plan on having Benji on the show Tuesday. I will also attempt to reach out to the administration at his school to get their side of the story.

    And while I admit this is just one side of the story, I consider Benji credible and not somebody who would make up this sort of thing. But until I hear both sides I'll qualify this. If Benji has been subjected to what he alleges here, this is grounds for teachers to be fired, in my opinion.

  • Dash Cam from West Allis Concealed Carry Incident

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I shared this story on the air, but had missed this follow-up until a listener sent it today. There's one portion of the 911 exchange between the good samaritan and the dispatcher that really jumps out at me. It's the part where the citizen goes to ask the dispatcher a question and the dispatcher cuts him off. See what you think.

  • Dionne Warwick is Broke, Sheryl Crow Blames Radio

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This is the classic liberal mindset at work. Dionne Warwick made money, lot's of money and then mismanaged it out of existence. For those of us who believe in personal responsibility, we would say it's her problem (for crying outloud, she's still making $21,000 a month!). But no, if you're a liberal like Sheryl Crow, the problem is radio won't pay her money every time one of her songs is played

    This performer royal battle between the music industry and radio has been going on for years, with congressional proposals to force radio to pay it. The radio industry argues the proposed fee would break it. Whatever the case, it should be settled between the two parties, not by Congress imposing a new tax on radio. But that issue aside, Crow's logic here is laughable. Warwick has made millions, is still making more a year the most people and it's radio's fault she's broke?

    And besides, if Warwick was paid a $1,000 every time one of her songs was played on the radio, I doubt she'd draw another $1,000 a year from this fee. When is the last time you heard a Dionne Warwick song on the radio????

  • Bullying Allegation Goes Viral

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    My daughter made me aware of this last night. The Kaukana School District is holding a news conference as we speak. The numbers of shares and likes on this are staggering given he just posted this last night: 81,000 likes, more than 120,000 shares! This story is perhaps the ultimate example so far of how the social media has changed the world.

    Obviously we don't know the facts, but whatever happened here the school district seems to have treated this as if it was 1985 and there was no way for this family to respond to the dissatisfaction they feel over how this was handled, again, regardless of what the truth is. Fox  11 has more on the story here. I, like most of the media in the region have reached out to the father. So far, no response. It'll be very interesting to see what the school has to say at the news conference.

  • "If You Like it You Should be Able to Put a Ring on It"

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Beyonce, playing of lyrics of one of her hit songs to endorse gay marriage. Careful Beyonce, this is the kind of dangerous thinking that got me in trouble with the liberal Twittersphere recently. She didn't say if you like someone of the same gender. She says "if you like it" you should be able to put a ring on it. So if you like (not even love, like, but again, she needs to stay consistent with the song lyrics for this little stunt) a cousin, or even a sibling, you should be able to put a ring on "it."

    And she didn't put a limit on how many "its" you might like. I realize she does mean same sex partners (probably), but that's my point exactly. Her language is completely limitless in terms of who you should be able to marry. Marriage is not a door that can be opened just a bit. The unhinged left can rail against that fact, but they cannot change it.

    And yes, I believe gay marriage will be the law of the land much sooner than later.

  • Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet...in 1974!

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This is truly stunning. No, he doesn't predict online porn and on-demand TV shows, but that's about all he misses here. And yes, he was asked about the year 2001, for obvious reasons. But he also mentions these things would exist before the turn of the century. And how about saying we'll take the home computer for granted the way we do the telephone. Of course, I do need to point out that as spot on as he was here, he was dead wrong about what 2001 would look like in the book/movie.