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  • Favre, Childress argue during loss to Panthers

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I predicted this would come, but I thought it was going to come a lot earlier in the season. Childress wanted Favre out, Favre stayed in, which tells me when push comes to shove Favre is in charge, just like he was when Mike Sherman was coach of the Packers. While I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier, Childress was probably content with letting Favre do what he wanted as long as the wins kept piling up.

    On the upside, it's happening JUST in time for the playoffs.

  • Minus is a four letter word????(Must be new math)

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    We confirmed with the Fond du Lac School District this is real. They have an explanation. Listen tomorrow morning at 9 to the show and see if it makes any more sense to you than it does to me!



  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse caught in a lie

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) alleged on the floor of the Senate Sunday that racism against President Obama was a driving force in opposition to health care reform. This video shows pretty clearly what he said. It also shows pretty clearly he was lying to the Washington Times when he denied he had made such statements.

  • Wikipedia's role in climategate

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I was aware that Wikipedia was deleting articles they didn't like concerning global warming. I had no idea there was this level of complicity with the global warming "band," as Solomon describes those perpetarting the global warming fraud

  • There will be no amendments allowed to the health care bill

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    After nearly a day-long read of the changes, we learn there will be no amendments allowed to a 2,000 plus page long bill that will impact all Americans in one of the most intimate ways possible: how they get their health care. As the Wall Street Journal put it earlier this week, getting to the magic # 60 has been a game of human "Whack-a-mole" for Harry Reid. He can't risk losing anyone by allowing amendments that might cost him one precious vote.  The reason for the rush job is obvious: if they don't get this through before Christmas, the chances of doing it at all grow dim. The Christmas break gives the public at least a bit of a chance to see what's in the black box. They simply cannot have that. I would call this a travesty, but that doesn't suffice. The word for what they're trying to ram through simply doesn't exist.

  • Gitmo detainees welcomed in Thompson IL

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Terror suspects or not, there is gold in them thar prison bars, and the good people of Thompson, Illinois consider Gitmo detainees their Christmas present. Terror suspects on American soil are palatable, apparently, if they mean the local sandwich shop is going to re-open.

  • This is a tremendous victory, but...

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Yes, this toothless Copenhagen agreement IS a victory for those of us who know what a fraud man-caused global warming is. But rest assured that this movement will live on. Cap and trade may be dead, Copenhagen may be a bust, but there is simply too much money to be lost by those perpetrating this fraud; researchers on both sides of the Atlanatic who have made millions in research grants and Al Gore, who plans to make hundreds of millions more on "green investments."

    You're already seeing Wisconsin and other states attempting to impose draconian envriomental restrictions on their own. As Senator James Inhofe said on my show; yes 2009 will go down as the "year of the skeptic." But I don't believe it will go down as the year the AGW fraud was put to rest. Those perpetrating the fraud simply have too much to lose for that to happen.