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Got Milk, Then Why Aren't You Drinking More

by Mike Austin

Well it certainly isn't the kind of news you want to hear to kick off June Dairy Month. But while most adults remember the slogan, Milk it Does a Body Good, it doesn't seem to be doing any good when it comes to the consumption of fluid milk. According to USDA reports, milk consumption has been trending downward for decades. A recent study shows that in 1970, the average American consumed a 8 ounce glass of milk a day. In 2012, that dropped to less than a half a cup of milk a day. And the report goes on to show that 54% of all adults say they no longer drink milk at all. The numbers are also discouraging for children where despite recommendation that they consume 3-4 servings of dairy a day, the study shows one in five children drink only one glass of milk a day.

While fluid milk consumption continues to decline, the news is much better when it comes to cheese.The latest study shows cheese consumption is up in all age categories which is good news for Wisconsin's dairy industry where 90% of the states milk supply is used in the manufacturing of 600 varieties, types and styles of cheeses.While dairy interests would like to turn around the faltering fluid milk trend, strong cheese sales both domestically and internationally have helped to keep the dairy economy moving forward.